Update these in about:config

// Disable GIF Animations:
image.animation_mode = none ("once" to play them only once)

// Load diverted tabs in the background.  Also prevents Firefox from jumping to foreground when clicking on a link in another application
browser.tabs.loadDivertedInBackground = true

// Stop NoScript from opening a web page on every update
noscript.firstRunRedirection = false

// Enable "bartab" like function in Firefox 4
browser.sessionstore.max_concurrent_tabs = 0

// Show titlebar when maximized if Firefox 4
browser.tabs.drawInTitlebar = false

// Prevent app tabs from autoloading when starting the browser
browser.sessionstore.restore_pinned_tabs_on_demand = true


Firesizer is an extension for the firefox web browser. It allows you to resize the browser window to specific dimensions.

It provides a menu and status bar to resize the window dimensions to a specific size. Unlike other similar extensions, this one sets the size of the *entire window*, not just the HTML area.

There's trouble brewing at the Mozilla Foundation, the makers of everyone's favorite web browser: Firefox. I can't say what's going on (that is, I'm totally speculating here), but lately there have been a number of clues that something is just not right in zilla-land.