There's a perception that the powdered hot chocolate that comes in a packet or canister is not the "real" hot chocolate, and that instead "real" hot chocolate must be made from chocolate syrup, or by melting down a chocolate bar. This idea seems to come from the fact that many other foods can be processed into a "instant" versions, like instant coffee, and usually result in an inferior product. This is not the case for chocolate!


Dear Mexican restaurant owner,

If your servers need to warn patrons that their plates are very, VERY hot, so hot that the servers need asbestos gloves to carry them, then YOUR RESTAURANT SUCKS.

To be fair, there are many reasons why your restaurant probably sucks, but the "hot plate" issue eclipses all of them. It's the jump the shark of reasons, if you will. If you have the "hot plate" issue, it trumps everything else, and your restaurant sucks.


Often when I tell people that I don't eat garlic, they're surprised. "You don't like garlic?!" they exclaim. "But it's so good! What's wrong with you?" usually follows (at least the thought is there). Well I have a confession to make, it's not that I hate garlic, it's that I'm avoiding it on purpose. This is my protest, and here's why:

There's an assault on the palettes of Americans these days, and it's being perpetrated by most, if not all, chain restaurants. All of the food tastes the same. It doesn't matter where I go for a steak, burger, grilled chicken, french fries, or anything else, because it always tastes the same. It's like they're working from the same cookbook, and most of the recipes seem to be "add garlic, cook, serve".