Lately there has been a lot of news surrounding the upcoming bandwidth auction for the 700MHz wireless spectrum. Once TV stations go all digital, they will vacate these very valuable frequencies. The big wireless companies are eager to get their hands on it (because 700MHz goes through walls nicely), but some unlikely companies, namely Google, have also expressed an interest.


The other day I was setting up an all-in-one printer, and I was struck by something in the setup process that was so simple, and so obvious, that I was surprised I noticed it at all. It's a sign that an exciting new wave of computer technology is coming of age.

But first a quick note about printer setup...

I recently purchased a Kill-A-Watt electric meter, which is a device you can use to measure how much energy an electrical appliance is using. I used my kill-a-watt around both my and my parent's house (my Dad was really interested too), and took some readings. Some were surprising, others were not. It's worth noting that large appliances (TVs, refrigerators, computers) often have a spike in power usage immediately when they are turned on, but usage quickly drops once the startup time has passed.