Last night I was watching CSI, and during one scene I thought I saw something strange. So I rewound and went frame-by-frame. Here's what I saw:


You've probably heard by now (how could you have missed the media blitz) that Chappelle's Show is back, for at least a few episodes (the lost episodes). I'm sure there are many sites talking about the show's content, which is great, but I'm more interested in how Comedy Central is handling the situation.

In short, I love it. Every other show on the network is just going crazy with "where's Chappelle" jokes. It's been worked in to the commercials, the Daily Show, Colbert Report, Mind of Mencia, and probably all the other shows I'm not seeing -- and they're not doing it lightly either.


I don't usually see a lot of TV commercials. My trusty TiVo makes sure of that. Every once in a while I happen to be watching "live TV," and I have to deal with a commercial or two.

As someone who watches too much TV, I'm used to tuning out the commercials. I go into zombie mode (more-so than when the actual TV show is on), but at the end of each commercial, I'm usually left with a vague idea of what it was about. It might only be a small turd of information, and it probably gets swept away quickly, but I still have the feeling that I saw something.


Here's what's currently on my TiVo Season Pass list:

  1. House
  2. Battlestar Galactica
  3. The Office
  4. Stargate Atlantis
  5. The Daily Show
  6. The Colbert Report
  7. Boston Legal
  8. Lost
  9. ER
  10. MythBusters
  11. Good Eats
  12. Anthony Bordain

Last Updated: March 27, 2008