There's trouble brewing at the Mozilla Foundation, the makers of everyone's favorite web browser: Firefox. I can't say what's going on (that is, I'm totally speculating here), but lately there have been a number of clues that something is just not right in zilla-land.


Most modern web-based email systems have decent spam filtering (I've used gmail and yahoo). Anything that looks like spam gets filed into a "spam" folder. Pretty straightforward, right? One thing that strikes me about these systems is that the spam folder has a "Delete Forever" button, while normal mail folders have a regular "Delete" button. The difference is that the "Delete" button sends deleted messages into the trash, while the "Delete Forever" button obliterates the spam completely. The "Delete Forever" button should be replaced with a regular "Delete" button for the spam folder, and here's why:


Often when I view a web site that uses Flash, I am spared the annoying, seizure-inducing animations thanks to firefox and the flashblock module. Flashblock is great because it allows me to choose if I want to view the Flash or not. In the rare case that I want to see it, I'm usually treated to the endearing Flash experience of...

...being blown out of my seat because the volume is so !%@# loud.