ABR Reaches 1.0

ABR (Vista Activation Backup & Restore) has finally reached 1.0!

It's been working great for a long beta period, except for one minor bug that was fixed with this release. I also added a silent restore option for anyone trying to integrate the activation into an auto-install DVD. With that, it was finally time to promote it to 1.0.

ABR allows the to backup and restore of Windows Vista activation that was pre-installed at the factory (OEM:SLP activation only).

Here's the main page for it.

Hi, I have Windows 7 build 7229

Will the ABR Work with it???

or are you working on one that will??


ABR currently does not work with Windows 7. However since ABR only works with OEM versions of Windows, and Windows 7 is not shipping, there are no OEM versions where you could use it. I have been keeping an eye on Windows 7 and will continue to watch it.