Brian's Book of Knowledge

For certain types of people at work, it's good to remember:
The squeaky wheel gets the oil...
...but if that wheel keeps squeaking it gets replaced.

In a house or office building, it does not heat up (or cool down) faster if you set the thermostat to a higher (or lower) temperature (because the air that comes out is always the same temperature, it just runs longer to heat/cool more).

In a car or other vehicle, it does heat up faster if you turn the temperature up higher (because the air that comes out is hotter/colder as you adjust it)

You don't need a whole handful of liquid hand soap to wash your hands. A drop the size of a pencil eraser will work just fine.

Cold "medicines" like NyQuil and Tylenol do not make you healthy, they merely suppress the symptoms. A cold is caused by a virus, and there's nothing you can do against viruses (especially anti-biotics, they DO NOT HELP a cold). Taking these "medicines" only stops the suffering; it does not get rid of the virus. It's like putting black tape over the "check engine" light... you can't tell the light's on anymore, but it doesn't fix the engine. They make a cold bearable, but they don't make you healthy again.

Cold remedies, like tea with lemon, chicken soup, etc... all have one thing in common: they are hot liquids. That's really the only important part about them. My remedy of choice is to drink hot water all day, since it has exactly the same effect, but has no other chemicals (like caffeine) and no calories.

As amazing as it may sound, green bananas turn into yellow bananas (and eventually into brown ones). (I've actually heard people at the grocery store talking about "green" vs. "yellow" bananas and which were more healthy for you).

"Raw" sugar is just as (un)healthy for you as regular sugar. It's only marketing that makes you think it's different.

Sea salt is no more healthy for you than any other kind of salt. It's all salt!

A cereal that contains "whole grains" is still loaded with sugar.

"Baked" snack foods are loaded with just about as many carbs and other junk as fried ones. "Baked" does not make it healthy.

Fast-food chicken on a bun is no more healthy than fast-food beef on a bun. Especially when it's battered and fried.

When doing laundry, start the water before you add the detergent. If you add the detergent first and the water doesn't start, then you have clothes covered in soap that you need to take out so you can fix the washer.

Well... if we are talking about refined salt, then you are right! All of it is 99,9% NaCl (plus an anti-caking agent).

If, on the other hand, you are comparing unrefined sea salt with rock salt, then things aren't so clear, as "unrefined" sea salt has roughly 85% NaCl, the rest being made of other ions (mainly sulphate, Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium) plus a sizeable amount of trace elements. On the other hand, it also tends to have more impurities.

The bottom line is still the same, you should avoid excessive salt. But if you DO use salt, you could do worst than using (unrefined) sea salt instead of the refined version.

You should only pay attention that regular unrefined sea salt tends to be less salty to the taste than pure NaCl...

Green bananas vs. yellow bananas

Yes, green bananas do eventually turn into yellow ones. But the process of ripening turns the starch into sugar. An unripened banana has high starch and low sugar levels plus copious amounts of bitter-tasting latex. Starch is converted to sugar as the fruit ripens, so that bananas can eventually have about 25% sugar. As the banana ripens, the latex is also broken down.

So there is a significant nutritional difference between green and yellow bananas.


Wow, great info. Thanks for the reply!

I think the best medicine for a cold - a hot tea with lemon

" Cold "medicines" like NyQuil and Tylenol do not make you healthy, they merely suppress the symptoms "
ok,then what makes you healthy ?

You become healthy (in this context) when your body fights off the virus or infection and the number of viruses/bacteria are low enough so they are no longer a threat. When that point is reached, your body stops producing the symptoms we associate with being sick (runny nose, fever, etc...)

All of the posted tricky knowledge are good. Especially, about the car and heat that, is true. When we are driving our car or vehicles on fast speed, in that time, engine has been becomes heat on that points, where one pin (of metal) would be also burn on its flame. Most of the engines has generated by power collections of heat. Even with gain of time and the technology, we could see also other type of engines on these days on high develop country. We can see the moving car or vehicles on own mileage, this all moves through the power of heat. Also, we should be known that when we are driving at slow speed, at that time engines become cold than fast driving moments.