CSI Using Subliminal Images!

Last night I was watching CSI, and during one scene I thought I saw something strange. So I rewound and went frame-by-frame. Here's what I saw:

Here's the full sequence of frames. In this scene, the flashlight is being panned from right to left, causing the frame to wash out because of the bright light. Instead of just pure light, however, there's clearly a shadow of a face embedded in the frame.

The episode I was watching is called A Thousand Days on Earth, which was about the investigation of the death of a small child. The face in the frames above looks like it might be the face of the child who died, but I'm not sure.

This only lasted for 3 frames, and was one of those things you would've missed if you blinked, or maybe thought you saw it, but then forgot and moved on.

I wonder if they have done this sort of thing before, and also if it adds a bit of drama to the show since it throws you off balance for a little bit. I have a feeling I'll be watching for stuff like this more closely in the future.

Whether intentional or not, that is freaky. Thanks for scaring me for the rest of the day.

Makes you wonder what else TV is doing to keep people interested. Have you ever sat watching TV and couldn't bring yourself to move on and get stuff done? TV is a powerful medium that can suck away your spare time, enhanced by tricks like this. When you turn on that screen, you are entering their world.

(Cue twilight zone music)

That is really freaky. I am surprised that you caught it! CSI does a great job in cinematography and in general just setting the scenes up. I wonder if you can send this to them?

weird, you scared me

Unusual for sure! Nice eye to catch that in a matter of 3 frames. How'd you back up frame for frame? DVR? Impressive none the less and very freaky indeed.

Captured it with tivo and my digital camera.

I think these are done intentionally, it has the same effects as the music or sounds that are used for a build up scene. Usually a minor chord or diminished note or two with the volume slightly rising. I once read an article that stated film makers are working on the idea of "over a long period of time" removing every 2nd frame and when people adjust to it over time you would not notice any change what-so-ever. Could you imagine the savings. 50% air time. You could watch twice the film in the same average 120 minutes. The cutting floor would be a little messy though :~}

i think this is just a quick cut for the viewers sub concious to pick up and thus keep you watching and wondering. its disgusting as they also do this in childrens programmes.

I always wonder about subliminal messages in shows or commercials. This however is very freaky! Almost looks like a ghost. Can never watch CSI without pausing here and there ever again. Thanks for posting this!

I have been in the US for just two months but have seen numerous single frame images during shows. They flash by so quick that it leaves you wondering if you have seen them. In fact I found this posting because I just saw another during NCIS and decide to see if there was anything online about what I was seeing. If this is a normal film making technique I really don't like it.

Be thankful that it is a benign picture. Remember there was a big 'to-do' years ago about the theaters putting "eat popcorn" ect in the frames. The ever present 'they' said that it was false, never happened. Well now we, the unwashed masses, have the technology to prove it. If it wasn't happening then, it sure is now. It cost money to do things like that, what is the pay off? Let's hope it is as a benign a reason as to "build suspense" and nothing more.