Proper Loading of Toilet Paper, II

I'm not sure what's worse, the fact that Kevin posted about the proper way to load a toilet paper holder, or that I've been thinking about posting the same thing. Kevin proposes the "over" method where the loose bit of tissue falls over the top of the roll.

I respectfully disagree with Kevin, and I have proof of my conjecture. The proper way to load toilet paper is "under", and here's why:

A normal toilet paper roll has quite a bit of space inside the tube when loaded in the holder, as the dowel is not usually as big as the tube. (See Figure 1) This allows the roll to move back and forth when the tissue is being dispensed. This motion is different depending on how the roll is loaded.

Figure 1:

Figure 2 illustrates what happens when force is applied to the roll in the "over" position. As the tissue is pulled down, the dowel in the holder acts as a fulcrum, and the roll is pressed downward and towards the wall. This causes friction between the tissue and the wall, which can add enough strain to cause the tissue to tear, leaving the user with less than required.

Figure 2: "Over"

Figure 3 shows the "under" position, and illustrates why this method is superior. When pulling on the tissue in this position, the dowel acts as a fulcrum to pull the roll slightly upward and away from the wall, avoiding friction from the wall completely. This method allows the roll to spin freely, and the user is better able to control how much tissue to use and when to tear it.

Figure 3: "Under"

The laws of physics clearly dictate that the proper way to load a roll of toilet paper is the "under" method. This gives the user more control over how much tissue they use, and reduces the stress and frustration caused by the continuous premature tearing of the tissue that the "over" method causes.

As you can see, the scientific proof is indisputable.

In addition to what was previously stated, doesn't get annoying to have to tear the back-side of the roll to stop it from hanging down? When toilet paper hangs down, bacteria can cling to it easier and make their way to various places depending on how the room is set up.

Lastly, the most important factor in determining how to place the roll is: how tall is the person? I happen to be a tall person, and I can't use the under method to save my life. So many people find only one method works for them. Other realize that either one is fine. All-in-all, there really isn't a wrong way of doing it. One works better for tall people, the other for shorter people. One for people who are cautious of cleanliness, the other for those who could still care less. It's mostly a matter of preference, security, and upbringings.

If you hang your toilet paper overhand it doesn't touch the wall a If you pull down and away then it actually pulls away from the wall. hence you pull harder, if your last tug causes the roll to leave the surface of the wall, you get the spontaneous unravelling of extra . You're then stuck with either using extra or trying to roll it back onto the roll which at first looks easy, but is actually quite frustrating and never turns out like you want it.

However, I agree with a couple that, this is a matter of personal preference than right and wrong. I believe the same theory is for paper towel?

I never realized the struggle of figuring the proper way to hang your TP. Both ways work fine for me.

Very Useful tips, People find only one method works for them. Other realize that either one is fine.

Fabulous posting!

I have long taught men and women that we are essentially 'different' from each other. In many respects. Including toilet roll placement.

Now there is scientific evidence to confirm that men instinctively know that the 'loose end of paper touching wall' placement is functionaly superior......

Every hotel, from cheap hotels in Bangkok to luxury Singapore hotels with a little self respect should put the toilet paper so it rolls from back to forth, by doing this a hotel customer can see that it is clean and it gives a welcoming impression.

Thank you for the interrelating thread!

This has got to be onbe of the most intersting posts I've ever read before. But what intersts me the most is the fact that you actually wrote a post about this!
That being said, I'd have to agree and say that the over method is correct. Under just does not make sense to me.
Thanks for the laughs!

I would disagree. In clinical trials I have conducted over the years, I've discovered that when the roll is over, it makes it easier to pull the piece across and off the roll as opposed to under. I have also discovered that some toilet paper is close to the same properties of a roof shingle while other brands are as soft as a bathroom towel. Perhaps the quality of the roll in your example could be in question. ;)

OK, so thats the problem of how to correctly load toilet paper cracked, shall we move on to curing cancer, curing aids and helping to resolve world poverty?

Thanks for the post

Wow Its a really useful application of physics. This article would be really helpful for almost all of us . To be honest if we use the correct method to load the papers we will be able to save a lot of time. Very simple but really helpful though. Keep it up . Cheers!!

It doesnt matter for what purpose and where we use physics. Its the application of science.. I thinks this is a very good article for that. Interesting stuff Keep it coming.. Thanks a lot Cheers

I never knew people make a fuss out of toilet rolling :p entertaining nonetheless

Ha ha. I am a very anal guy. If I find a toilet paper roll in the under configuration I immediately change it to the over top configuration. If I don't do this I am not content for the rest of my duty.

And for a concurring opinion please feel free to visit ...

The "under" method doesn't make any sense. You have to hunt behind the roll for the end of the paper. If you just reverse the roll and put the end in front, towards you, you can see the end and not have to hunt for it every time you grab the roll.

Cute Toilet T-issue Direction Poll:

*Do you refuse to take the top newspaper on a stack (even if perfect)?
*Insist that the toilet paper hang "over"?
*Wait for the phone to ring at least twice before answering?
•Press harder on remote control buttons when you know the batteries are dead?

You're not alone. I should know. I interviewed thousands of people about their quirks and idiosyncrasies for the book, "Admit It, You're Crazy! Quirks, Idiosyncrasies, and Irrational Behavior by Judy Reiser.
You will laugh while gaining insight into yourself and others!
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my old lady hollers at me about it all the time, our holder sticks out so there is never any paper touching the wall...for me it always ends up under because i don't have a spring holder (it's cast iron) and i can just pull the roll off and do the "hand wrap" (which if you've ever tried it, then you already know it's the way to go) and it's just goes back in that position afterwords because i'm right handed and the paper is to the left

and that's my two squares

[...] that the "over" method causes. As you can see, the scientific proof is indisputable. Proper Loading of Toilet Paper, II | __________________ Token Canadian [...]

[...] that the "over" method causes. As you can see, the scientific proof is indisputable. Proper Loading of Toilet Paper, II | __________________ Token Canadian [...]

[...] that the "over" method causes. As you can see, the scientific proof is indisputable. Proper Loading of Toilet Paper, II | __________________ Token Canadian [...]

Wow! I'm amazed at how many people are outsmarted by a roll of toilet paper.

Wow, I think this is obsolete anyway , because most men I know dont even replace the roll. They expect the toilet paper fairies to replace it in the middle of the night.

OVER... unless you have kids or a cat, then under to keep the buggers from unraveling the whole roll.

I always use to install paper like figure no. 2 .
Too amazing.
Very helpful for me..

I think that's true may be. Even, toilet paper using method would also different by people. I think your evidence is really effective, but we can't sure about toilet paper pulling habit or situations. In my view, while people pulling it, there may be depending on their physical conditions and their habit on those kinds of situations. So, at this time types of situations your figure has been seen some non effective. Even, your commitments are goods. I have been loading my toilet paper by under pulling method or as your ideas. I am just consulting your ideas. Otherwise, it is really mind blowing and I think its first record on the world because of the blog or articles written on about the proper way to load the toilet paper with some scientific evidence.