Return of Chappelle

You've probably heard by now (how could you have missed the media blitz) that Chappelle's Show is back, for at least a few episodes (the lost episodes). I'm sure there are many sites talking about the show's content, which is great, but I'm more interested in how Comedy Central is handling the situation.

In short, I love it. Every other show on the network is just going crazy with "where's Chappelle" jokes. It's been worked in to the commercials, the Daily Show, Colbert Report, Mind of Mencia, and probably all the other shows I'm not seeing -- and they're not doing it lightly either.

Their tack is to drive this thing into the ground. They know they have nothing left to loose, and aren't dancing around the fact that Dave isn't there. Instead, they're going bold-faced and full force. It's so good because it matches Dave's in-your-face style, and it's so refreshing because of the lack of corporate timidity that's the usual for this type of situation.

As a result, they've hit this one out of the park. The next few weeks will show if the new season of Chappelle's Show is on par with the previous ones, but there's no question that the Comedy Central marketing team is at the top of their game.