Running For The Border

Dear Mexican restaurant owner,

If your servers need to warn patrons that their plates are very, VERY hot, so hot that the servers need asbestos gloves to carry them, then YOUR RESTAURANT SUCKS.

To be fair, there are many reasons why your restaurant probably sucks, but the "hot plate" issue eclipses all of them. It's the jump the shark of reasons, if you will. If you have the "hot plate" issue, it trumps everything else, and your restaurant sucks.

Do you expect me to believe that a can of refried beans, a box of instant "Mexican" rice, and a soggy, flavorless burrito covered in brownish/reddish sauce is real Mexican food? OK, you got me there, maybe it is one kind of Mexican food, but you expect me to believe that's all anyone in Mexico eats? No? Then how come that's all you have on your menu?

In case you haven't noticed, every item on the menu is exactly the same. Maybe you have a section for enchiladas, burritos, and even soft tacos. All of them come covered in some type of sauce, and are flanked on one side with a dollop of canned beans and boxed rice on the other. Because the plate was sitting in the oven so long, the beans melted all over the plate and the rice is dry. Now get one plate from each of those menu sections and put them next to each other. Can you tell the difference? I can't.

If I want something more crazy I can just get fajitas, right? So if I want something different than the already uninspired dishes mentioned above, I have the choice of exactly one additional uninspired dish to choose from, and it comes complete with greasy, tough meat, undercooked vegetables, and after I leave I'll smell like a campfire for the rest of the night! Sounds great!

Seriously, what's the difference between you guys and Taco Bell? Oh right, you guys give me free chips and salsa while my plate heats up in the oven. And you also serve margaritas. Honestly, the food I get at Taco Bell is consistently more fresh, tastes better, and has a lot more diversity than almost anything one can get in your restaurants. And I don't have to worry about burning my hands on the plate. Maybe it's not "authentic", but your stuff isn't either.

Look, I understand you're trying to run a business here, and you gotta compete. That means using the cheapest stuff you can find and serving what people expect (Of course it could mean making a better product, a revolutionary idea!). But really, the Mexican-American population is on the rise, and I'm sure they would appreciate, as much as I would, some real Mexican food (I'm talking about you, pozole), instead of this watered down, flavorless "food" that you're serving us now. It really can't be that hard, or that expensive.

In closing, Mr./Ms. restaurant owner, please change your ways and save Mexican food from mediocrity, or you will suffer the fate that has already befallen Italian food in the USA.

Thanks. be forced to eat at all these Mexican restaurants. If we only had a choice.... ;)

That's my point. If you want Mexican food, ALL of your choices are the same, and lousy. It shows how capitalism can fail if every vendor involved makes the conscious decision not to make a better product. The consumer is left with few choices, and none of them good.