Something A Laywer Will Understand

By now, you've probably heard of this a**hole who, when he was told he had tuberculosis, decided to go on his honeymoon anyway, putting potentially thousands of people at risk for contracting the disease. As the story unfolded, he gave all sorts of "reasons" why it wasn't his fault, that no one forced him to not go, and he pointed fingers at everyone else, in typical lawyer fashion.

He's tried to make his case sound legitimate, but any fool can see through this BS. Here's what I'm sure happened, although he'd never admit to it: The doctor says, "You have TB, you REALLY should not travel anywhere, but I don't have the authority to legally force you not to travel." Speaker thinks, "OK, this guy can't force me not to travel. I've been looking forward to this month long trip to Europe for a long time, and I sure have spent a boatload of money on it. I'm going to lose all of that cash if I cancel it now." So what does he do? He pushes up the date so he can get out of town before the doctor can get the legal stuff together to prevent him from traveling.

This situation underscores the way a lot of the population (American) thinks today -- "If you can't legally make me do something, I'm not going to do it (and, even then, I might not do it)." This goes double for lawyers. The "legal reality" doesn't match up with "reality reality" in their minds, so as long as there are no legal ramifications, then logically there are no real-world ramifications either.

Now, the guy is being sued for $1.3 million. Now there's something an a**hole like this will understand.

Really are cracking down on "naughty" words, eh? :)