The Real Hot Chocolate

There's a perception that the powdered hot chocolate that comes in a packet or canister is not the "real" hot chocolate, and that instead "real" hot chocolate must be made from chocolate syrup, or by melting down a chocolate bar. This idea seems to come from the fact that many other foods can be processed into a "instant" versions, like instant coffee, and usually result in an inferior product. This is not the case for chocolate!

Chocolate starts out as beans, just like coffee, which are roasted and ground up into powder (and possibly processed using the "Dutch Process" method). That powder, along with some sugar and milk powder is what goes directly into hot cocoa mix. In fact, direct consumption of cocoa as a drink is the original way the Maya and Aztecs used to consume chocolate. It wasn't until later that people started processing it into syrup and bars.

So the next time you make some hot chocolate from a powder, feel confident that you're consuming it very close to the traditional way, and don't get caught thinking that making it from a powder is not the "real" way to make it.

I believe you right!! i love chocolate in the traditional way!

Yea swiss miss, you're back on top. I like chocolate milk and it was the way to go when i was a kid, but i prefer melting chocolate now, it takes longer, but it is worth it, the creaminess is unparalleled.

Try Hershey's chocolate syrup and milk.
heat it up and add them cute little marshmallows on top or whip cream.

I use it for my coffee, so much better than anything powdered.