WinHotKey allows you to assign "hot keys" that do various things. Actions that can be done with a hotkey are:

  1. Launch a Program
  2. Open a document
  3. Open a folder
  4. Automatically type something (This doesn't work on Vista, Windows 7, or later)
  5. Control other windows on the screen

The main goal of this tool is to be easy to use. There are many other hotkey programs out there, but most of them do not provide a sufficient level of "ease of use". This walks the user through the options, while remaining a powerful tool.

When running, the program sits in the system tray. Double-clicking on the system tray icon will bring up the main window.

Here's a screen-shot of the main window:

Works on Windows versions up through and including Windows 10. While not a 64-bit program itself, it works fine on 64-bit editions.

Windows 8/10 Note: WinHotKey works on Windows 8, however Windows itself has reserved most of the Win+X combinations for itself. It is strongly recommended that you use the "Win" key plus another key, such as "Ctrl" to assign as hotkeys, such as Win+Ctrl+X. Using plain "Ctrl" or "Alt" without also using the "Win" key will cause conflicts with most other applications.


Here's the MD5 and download link:

4239a9eaaf6b90e9cbb9f074ef1ceccd ..... WinHotKey0.70.exe